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 Posted: Aug 30 2013, 05:26 PM
FAYE. central.

the site rules
thank you for joining us here at like a shooting star. just like many other sites out there, there are a set of rules that must be followed as well as enforced so that we can avoid things leading to chaos and hysteria. please make sure to read everything within this post thoroughly and abide by them. if you have any question please PM an admin.

the first thing is to respect everyone who comes onto lass. we want to make sure that everyone feels wanted and welcome, whether they are new members, old members, staff, and even the guests. please keep the drama out and away from lass. if you happen to have a problem with anyone on the site, including a staff member, please make sure that you let another staff member know, and do not handle the situation yourself. please show everyone a nice attitude and don't make sarcastic or rude comments in a harmful way.

the second thing is to only make one account per person. there is absolutely no reason for anyone to have multiple accounts, so please do not do it or else you will face the consequences.

the third is to not violate jcink's rules as well as our own. in order to do enforce this, we ask that you be older than the age of 13. if we find out later that you have been lying, then we will be forced to take action. please be considerate!

the fourth is do not steal anything! stealing is absolutely not tolerated here at lass. we want to be able to teach anyone what they want to learn, and to make their own resources, not to steal others' hardworking pieces. we have a system that we will go by if you do not follow, please just do not steal. if you think a piece of your work has been ripped/stolen, do not hesitate to PM a member of staff to let us know what is going on. we will do everything we can to take care of the situation.

the fifth is involving the request section, we offer requests ranging from graphics and coding to character requests and more. you are allowed to bump your requests every four days, and no less. if your request has been inactive for over 7 days, we will archive your request. if you want to have it re-opened, just post in the re-opening topic within the board.

the sixth is to refrain from advertising or making a request via pm. we have sections within the board that is exactly for that purpose.

the seventh is regarding the graphics. the avatar size is : 200x300 , and the gif size is : 200px in width, and it will resize. as for signatures, please just do not stretch the page, if it does, you will receive a pm asking you to resize it. please to not use offending/nude images.

the eighth is for using underage pb's, which is a completely no here no lass. please don't use anyone under 13 in your graphics, or your requests. please don't do it!

the ninth rule is for you in case that you do not follow any of the rules above. first offense, you will receive a warning, if you continue to break the rules, further action will be taken which might cause temporary or permanent suspension.

the tenth is to have fun here! WELCOME TO LIKE A SHOOTING STAR, we are excited that you have decided to join us, and we hope that you enjoy your time here! don't be afraid to say hello in the c-box!
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